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(also for friends and those with mental illness)  

You could make an argument that it may be more important, or more beneficial, for family members of someone struggling to be educated about mental illness more than just being great family members in general... that's a loaded statement, though, because if someone has a family that educates themsleves about the illness, they have a great family, which (I believe) gives the person stuggling a much higher chance of recovering as well as recovering more quickly than someone whose family isn't as supportive and proactive (but for people without a strong, supportive family, friends may fill the role of family--and this page should apply to friends as well as families.)

People with mental illness are just as encouraged to contribute to this page. I've written more than a few blogs about the different ways my family (or friends) have had an effect on my recovery. If you're like me--lucky enough to have a great family who are there for you every step of the way--post about what they did that helped you get through your illness. If you're not so lucky, and have had bad experiences with family and friends throughout recovery, think about the kind of help you wished you had but didn't, and what specifically was not helpful... what only made things worse...

In a perfect world, this page will fill up with different kinds of things:

  • Books that have helped
  • Magazines that have helped
  • Things learned (remembered) from books, magazines, documentaries, etc. that have helped
  • Things learned through personal experience
  • Things learned from support groups
  • Tactics that have worked when dealing with someone struggling
  • Things said that resonated in your mind
  • What made a bad situation worse
  • What pushed away the person with mental illness
  • What was said at the worse possible moment
  • What kinds of misunderstandings happened and caused an argument that didn't need to happen.
  • How the issue of mental illness was first spoken about with a friend--what did your friends really respond to, and what you wish hadn't been said.
  • and anything else

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