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When I was at my worst, when I was most delusional, I was drawing connections from songs--thinking that the songs were either written about me, or that the songs were written by Me--a 'me' from the future, who traveled back through time to help the artists I was listening to write songs about me. At one point, I was positive that the 'future me' had taught the world's best writers, living or dead, in a writing school I had built on the moon.

I dont' talk much about my delusions here on the site, because that's the kind of stuff I'm writing about in my book. (The delusions above are a tiny, tiny sampling of the countless delusions I believed in.)

I share this, because it stressed how influential lyrics (to a lesser extent poetry--at least for me) can be to someone either in the thick of mental illness or at any stage in the recovery process.

While I consider myself cured, too many people like to say, 'there is no cure'. I have to restrain myself from going into that more here, but there's just one thing about the issue that matters here:

Yes, there "is no cure," but that kind of mentality leads to becoming complacent, and often can be a crutch. I agree that there is no cure in just one way: the symptoms don't go away. For me, that means I still draw irrational connections from the music I listen to, but the key to this is that: I know that they're not written about me.

While music played a giant role in my delusions, those very same irrational connections have turned into a good thing: I find it easy to find meaning that applies to me in lyrics because of my Mental Illness.

Never underestimate the power of lyrics, poems and music. For the record, Poems aren't my thing, but I know so many people who do get a lot out of poetry, so I'm including it on this part of the site.

I wrote incoherent poetry when I was delusional... but when I was in the very early stage of my recovery, the one thing I did, with the two friends I had that carried over from my pre-hospital life to my post-hospital life, was creating songs.

All through high school and college, I would sit in the back row and scribble lyrics for fun--I knew I had no future as a musician, and I could just barely play guitar, but it was so much fun--my friends would play some riffs and I would have my computer on my lap and write lyrics to what they were playing, and then I'd record the instrumentals with a $45 microphone into my laptop and later add the vocals myself.

The thing about writing lyrics was that, because of the nature of (most) songs that involves rhyming, in the process of coming up with the next line that rhymes with the one above it, I'd discover things about myself, my feelings and my new perspective on my life that I wouldn't have found had I done something like writing a blog about the issues that pop up in the song.

I'll post my lyrics here, and some songs you can download too, and I encourage you to write lyrics and post them here yourself. The same goes for poetry.

Also, go through your CDs that have spent a lot of time in your music rotation... do everyone who visits this site a favor and post the song, lyrics, or poems that you feel have inspired you, and helped you get through rough times, or made you feel most alone... basically, whatever has made you feel anything. If something triggers your emotions, I guarantee that it belongs on these pages.

At the top of this page, beneath the title, I wrote "That apply to Mental Illness." The key word in that phrase is "apply." The lyrics or poems or whatever, don't need to be specifically about mental illness. Post whatever you feel applies to mental illness... Good Lyrics and Poems are written about Universal Themes that can have meaning to anyone.

Don't want to listen to a song and transcribe the lyrics? I wouldn't... this is the best site for looking up lyrics that I know of:

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