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A show about terrorism and a CIA agent who has biploar. Really good show. more...
mikew 9 8.5 0
Depicting life in a mental institution from the points of view of both doctors and patients. more...
mikew 10 7.5 0
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There have been a lot of movies and TV shows that involve mental illness. Some are fantastic, and others are... horrible and bordering on offensive. Either way, I think that there is value in exposing ourselves and others to content that involves mental illness and hopefully sparks meaningful conversation.

You can post either movies or TV here. Each movie or television show has a comment section so people can discuss these movies and TV shows. If posting a TV show, you can either post it on it's own or you can post each episode individually. The idea is that some TV shows involve mental illness every week and if one is currently on the air, everyone here can have a discussion on each episode as it airs.

If a movie or TV show is already posted but you have something you'd like to say about it, please write what you want to write in that movie or TV Show's comment section.












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