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While I write a lot on this website, I also have written (or am in the process of writing) books related to mental illness. These books are more thematic than the blogs you will find on this site and they contain things that don't really fit into the site as standalone blogs.

To be honest, it isn't cheap to keep this site online. I'm never going to ask for donations but I've written these books and would greatly appreciate it if you check them out. My dream is to be a writer, so you wouldn't just be helping to keep the website going and growing, but you would also be taking me steps closer to living my dream.

These books are either finished or are in the final stages of revision. I'm not going to send out emails to all of the registered members of this website, but when I release a book, an email will go out to the members of this site. So if you are interested in knowing when the below books will be released, all you have to do is create and account on this site (which should take less than thirty seconds to do). Again, while I have a long list of emails for everyone registered on this site, I will not use these emails to fill up your inbox with updatese all the time--I will only send out emails when a new book is released.

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