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Write anything about your experience or connection to mental illness so people know where you're coming from when you share anything on this site. After you create this account there is more personal information you can provide by going to your user profile.

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After clicking 'Create New Account' you will automatically be logged in. Click 'Go to my Profile' and then 'Update Profile' to fill in much more information about you so people have a better idea of where you are coming from (mental illness-wise) when they read what you share on this website. That said, everything on the 'update profile' page is optional and you will still have full access to everything on the site. But remember, this site is only as good as the people who contribute to it.
























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On this site, a sponsor is a bit like a penpal.
The whole site is about offering support,
but if you'd like to support someone in a
more personal wsy, choose yes to be
a sponsor. You will be added to a list of
users who are willing to sponsor so someone
who needs some one on one support could
get it. This site's sponsor system is meant
to be 100% online. This feature should
not be used to meet up with people in real life.