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Anyone who has had Mental Illness has a story to tell, but not everyone can or will write a whole book about it. Still, the story deserves to be told, and it can be told and told well in far fewer words than a book.

This page is where you can tell your story... don't be afraid to ramble--I do it all the time in my blogs. Simply writing down your thoughts about what you've been through can be incredibly rewarding. Not only that, but writing down your experience can give you a newer and/or fuller perspective on your life. Furthermore, writing your story down and rereading it will help you prepare and figure out how to tell your story to a friend or whoever, in person.

It doesn't matter what stage of recovery you are in (including not actually being in a stage of recovery yet). There's a lot of value in hearing how other people's lives have been affected by the same kind of illness you or someone close to you has been through.

The testimonials here don't all need to be written by someone who actually has the illness. There is just as much value in someone's story about how someone close to them has been through mental illness--how it affected the person and how it affected the people close to him/her.

Tell your story here. It will help the people who read it, and you'd be surprised how it will help you--while you're writing it and/or when you read it.

Not everyone thinks they are capable of writing. Don't think like that. Give it a shot. Pretend like you're in the real world, need to get a ton of stuff off your chest and you're with someone who will stay quiet and listen to you say everything you need to say until you've finished saying it.

On this specific page--I've given you the opportunity to edit, add to or remove whatever you write here. That function can be found in your user profile.

Private Messaging someone who's testimonial spoke to you is highly recommended -- never underestimate the value of the private message function on this site... I really hope that some people find others they relate to here and start writing back and forth to each other.

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